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Build with dependent BizTalk applications

Solution setup

Create a new solution, BizTalk project and deployment project called “Contoso.Calculator” the same way as described for “Conoso.Common”. In this application, we want to use the schemas from the Common solution. In order to do that, first add the BizTalk project from the Common solution to the Calculator solution.

Right-click on the solution in “Solution Explorer”. Select “Add”, and then “Existing Project…”


Browse to, and select the project file.


Your solution should look like this.


Now right-click on the “Contoso.Calculator” project and select “Add reference…”


Check the check box for the “Contoso.Common” project.


I order to show that the Calculator application references the Common application in the BizTalk administration console; we must do one more thing. In the deployment project for the Calculator application, add an “AppsToReference” element.


Build definition

Create a new build definition for the Calculator application in the same way as the Common application. Make sure the source code for the Common application is included.


For the project to build, you do not need to add the dependencies, as they will be built automatically.


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