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A guide on how to do automated build, deployment and integration testing for BizTalk appliactions.


This guide will show you how to automate build, deploy and integration testing for BizTalk solutions, using tools built into Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio and Deployment Framework for BizTalk. This guide is aimed at developers already familiar with BizTalk development and BTDF.

All source code used in this guide can be download from the "Source Code" tab.


You need a BizTalk test and development environment set up for team development. That includes the following software. The procedures described in this document will not work with previous versions.
  • Team Foundation Server 2013 or Visual Studio Online
  • Team Foundation Server 2013 Build Server
  • Team Foundation Server 2013 Test Server
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • BizTalk 2013
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Office 2013
  • Deployment Framework for BizTalk 5.5
The examples in this guide uses the following server setup. A BizTalk test environment with two BizTalk servers and a SQL Server. The development environment uses a single server as both build and test controller. The build agents are also installed on this server. The test agents are installed on the BizTalk severs. TFS Online is used as the repository, but TFS 2013 installed locally will do as well. The developer workstation has everything needed for BizTalk development installed. I addition the servers must be part of an Active Directory domain.



Follow the chapters below in order, for a complete walkthrough. Each chapter builds on the previous, using the same code sample.

Chapter Description
Team Project setup Create a new team project in TFS and set up branching.
Solution setup Create Visual Studio solutions for your BizTalk applications.
Build definition Build the solution on the build server.
Build with dependent BizTalk applications Configure the solution and build definition to use resources from another BizTalk application.
Build and deploy multiple BizTalk applications Build all your BizTalk application and deploy the in correct order using a PowerShell script.
Automate deploy Deploy automatically after build using TFS lab management.
Integration test Make a simple integration test.
Automate integration testing Automatically run integration tests after deployment.

Tips & Tricks

Chapter Description
Multi-application solutions Use loose coupling to avoid deployment problems and improve testability.
Integration testing with mocks Simulate external services during integration testing.

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